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Project description

The project provides a scientifically based methodology for integrated assessment of management and recovery of resources in waste. The goal is to improve the development of resource efficient technologies and enable maximum resource recovery in society with minimum environmental impacts. The project develops a framework for resource quality assessment of waste flows:

  1. To enable quantification of the resource quality of individual waste and material flows
  2. To enable integrated assessment of both environmental impacts and resource recovery aspects
  3. To support prioritisation of resource recovery strategies.

The resource quality assessment methodology is based on further development of existing concepts and indicators addressing resources. The resource quality assessment is combined with a critical analysis and inventory development for resource flows in Denmark. The resource flow analysis is used as a basis for identification and prioritisation of critical resources and resource flows on a system level. The resource quality assessment is integrated into our world-leading waste specific life-cycle assessment (LCA) software (EASETECH) by development of the necessary computational models for flexible assessment of resource recovery systems. This integrated assessment tool is further used to evaluate a range of real-life cases in close collaboration with industry:

  1. Two resource types
  2. Two waste matrices
  3. One urban system.

The project provides an essential platform for future prioritisation of resource recovery strategies and supports the development of the associated technology. This will contribute to strengthen the resource efficiency of society in the future.